Pollux and his Jimson Weed


Pollux loves his Jimson Weed – he munches happily on the Psychedelic seed pods, knowing just when he’s had enough.  He spends the hottest days of late summer
lounging in the shade, seeing whatever goats see when they’re on a private little trip.  I wish he could share his visions with me.

Morris Arboretum’s Fernery


Spent a Monday by myself, wandering around the Morris Arboretum outside of Mt Airy.  It was the brink of Fall, the time of year where I wore a sweater but the roses were still in bloom. As always, the ferns were my favorite.  A gorgeous Victorian greenhouse housed a magical collection: every inch of the interior was covered in a different type of frond.  I sat inside, my skin damp from the humidity, and drew for nearly 2 hours.  It was so quiet, and I was nearly undisturbed.


Scan-150915-0003 Scan-150915-0001 copy

Scan-150915-0005 copy

I’ve only gotten to sketch at Chenoa Manor a couple times (sometimes it’s enough to spend time just being with the animals, or listening, or writing), but it is certainly an inspiring place.  Nina is a wonderful model, as is the dead walnut tree.  Chiron the goat kept my feet warm while I painted the pigs’ dominion.

Nova Scotia

Full disclosure, I was taking more photos than making time for drawings in Nova Scotia. The landscape is breathtaking in a very Scotland way, and it made me nostalgic with foggy windy wave vibes. Maybe I’ll post some photos one of these days (many were grammed).

Scan-150915-0011 copy

Scan-150915-0008 copy

Scan-150915-0009 copy

Scan-150915-0013 Scan-150915-0014

Another beach day

Scan-150915-0004 copy

Scan-150915-0005 copy

Beach days are for creepily drawing people sunbathing.

Fairmount Park


Today I learned that groundhogs can climb trees. I deemed this drawing finished when he stood above me, leering. I never like to be the last one at a party, so I said my goodbyes.

Last leg of CO

Great Sand Dunes National Park >> nothing short of surreal. Drawings cannot do it justice (and neither can photographs)

Garden of the Gods, CO Springs (aka the most epic neighborhood park ever)

Ironton, CO


14 Scan-150915-0002 copy


My unspoken goal while in the mountains of Colorado was to find a ghost town; we set off for Animas Forks but turned back when the rocks got too big for our rental car.  An hour more on an incredibly winding road with breathtaking drop-offs and vistas, we stumbled upon Ironton.