Lazy Susan


Dinosaur figurines and a Mistletoe Fig.  The dinos are still here, but alas, the fig is not.  I miss you, fig.

my biggest plants



A cover and a page for a Blanket Fort themed zine, in collaborating with BYO Print.

zinecover zinepage



plants plant

Plants are my favorite.

Nice is Nice


boats nice2

When I open the big, heavy, electronically-locked security gate at work in the morning, and it is so cold the hinges have frozen and the gate comes crashing down on me; and when I try to move it the metal is so cold it burns my fingers: I dream about the sunny streets and beaches of Nice.

Throw-back whatever to sketches of a magical, magical place.


joeysketch tomas

From sketch to realization: Joey, for Becky.  2ft x 3ft, acrylic on Rives BFK.

Matisse Paper Cutouts


I’ve always been obsessed with Matisse’s paper cutouts.  Once, in college, I sat in the library waiting for Jessica to get off work, over-caffeinated and paging through a heavy artbook about Matisse.  There was something about the triumph in his paper cutouts that almost brought me to tears, and when Jessica did join me she was perplexed at my emotion.

The MOMA Matisse show was amazing.  No photographs, but I wrote down all my most favorite pieces, so I can look them up again when I next need inspiration.  My favorites were probably the Sea and the Sky pices, and the Swimming Pool.  And the Sheaf – if all goes according to plan, when we bathroom demo I’d love to recreate the Sheaf as wallpaper, if I decide tropical fronds are a little too pointed.



With Jen’s old Art Forums, I made a little jungle.  Tomas is there, as well as my favorite plants, and some plants I want to have someday.

Maybe this was subconsciously in prep for the Matisse show.