Marie & Leaves


Marie Claire in marker and then Leaves in marker & pen.

Howl & Tomas


Window Cats (Tomas) and Pouf (Howl).  Did you know I love cats?

Penn Treaty

penn treaty

One of the last warm days of Fall; we were picknicking, or trying to.  You had one of those thick, thoughtful books that I avoid, and I had my sketchbook.  It’s too hard for me to concentrate on a book while dogs are running around me, their people laughing as a ball or a stick or some other trinket is tossed again and again.  You are better at blocking out the world.

It was warm, but as soon as the sun dipped below the horizon and the sky began to grey, we were cold again.  Scarves transformed into blankets, and we stayed until we couldn’t bear it any longer.

Beach day





One of the best updates to tradition is sending live plants in lieu of cut flowers.

Mimi & OJ’s pool


Waiting to go to my grandmother’s funeral, I document the place where our relationship began.

Plane doodles


Drawing makes a flight go faster.

Maine shoreline

maine fern

My neighbor asked if I was painting with watercolors.  When I answered, “Yes,” he told me that his grandmother had been a painter, and he himself had dabbled in his youth, until finally giving it up when other distractions of life seemed more pressing.  Now that he is retired, he is considering taking up painting again.  He’s not sure if it will come as naturally this time around.