Mackie & I


Mackie and I are comfortable, and I’ve always loved drawing what I see.



A study of rocks (and a little wood)

Camp Gamma


I am sitting on a rock at high tide, the waves gently lapping at my feet.  It’s funny, looking at the view of the place where you are usually looking at the view, the roles finally reversed.  The ocean is beautiful, but so is the little house, in its own way.

I taste salt and I’m not sure if it’s the ocean or rain.

Waiting for Steven



What else can you do when your friend is in a business appointment and you have only sunshine and time?

Dolores Park, SF


Dolores is beautiful in the sunshine.  There is something (and somebody) for everyone here: kids and professionals and the in-betweeners like us; drugs and foods and dogs; games and sports and naps.

Tote for Laura & Dan



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

sketch to drawing to tote!



this is my sketchbook.  like most friends, we do almost everything together.

an update after forever

Unsurprisingly, I have been neglecting this blog for more than a year now.  My most recent post is from the spring of 2010, before I’d even made plans to move to Philadelphia (where I’ve now lived for OVER a year, crazy I know!).  I hardly had my ish together, and I’d like to say that has changed along with my location.  Ha.  Although I think the fact that I now live away from home and successfully pay rent (in my 2nd Fishtown apartment) is progress, I’m still pretty far from any kind of endpoint.  I’m still at the point where people ask me, “What do you do?” and I make some sort of a joke to avoid answering.  Not because I’m ashamed (a job is a job!), but because I want to be able to tell them I have a plan.  Like a capital P Plan. 

I don’t really have a plan.

So what have I been doing?!  Well first and foremost, settling into a new place.  Place being city.  I think we’ve now successfully passed the honeymoon phase and entered that really getting to know each others’ flaws part of our relationship.  For example, Philly has surely realized by now that I am terrible about buying tokens ahead of time.  Also that I don’t attend First Fridays hardly as often as I should.  And I’ve learned that Philly has a side thing (or I guess more accurately a full-on affair) with hoodlums and burglars!

Yep, finally after years of living in cities (4 years of Baltimore, 1 year of Phila) I have experience my first breaking and entering!  Goodbye PS3, goodbye laptop.  Also goodbye my new baby DSLR.  Gross, right.

It sucks, but it’s not actually as bad as it could’ve been.  I had a reasonable amount of my files backed up, as well as renter’s insurance.  I wasn’t home when the break-in occurred, and they really didn’t trash the place at all.  In actuality they left it all creepily in place, to the extent where we didn’t realize we’d been robbed until we’d been in the house a good 10 minutes.  Our little fluff Anderson seemed no worse for wear (although to be fair I think that little demon angel could withstand WWIII without caring).

But obviously it’s unsettling to know somebody was in our house.  You feel kind of bitter towards your fellow humans, wondering how somebody can do that without seeming to feel any guilt or remorse.  I was working on a couple of new WordPress themes for a reboot and that was completely lost.  Photos from my grandfather’s funeral.  Some episodes of trashy ABC Family TV shows; a bunch of recipe bookmarks.  Bummer.  Ugh! 

But life goes on.

I’m going to try to use this as a literal start-over clean slate.  First task is getting in gear and getting paperpetual revamped.  Second (albeit most likely parallel) is starting to make new work.  On Saturday I applied with the super talented WomWoms-making Beki Basch for a booth at Holiday Heap, so we’ll see if we get selected or not.  Craft fairs are what I promised myself this past New Years, so maybe I’ll at least be able to make a little bit of good on that before the year is out!

So… what I mean to say is it’s all up from here!  And inversely (but not really opposite), time to buckle down.