Post-it Project

56" x 56" black screenprint on yellow photo backdrop paper, installed at the Baltimore Aquarium

Series of over scale post-it notes, curated by Nick Karvounis and installed in the world.

"Post-its are, by nature, private tools with which individuals can write themselves notes, lists and reminders of mundane, unremarkable chores. The tasks that warrant such reminders are oftentimes routine and ordinary, activities generally disregarded completely despite their undeniable necessity to life itself. To switch the Post-it's context from private to public is a radical shift; it offers an opportunity to remind onlookers that despite modern life's complexities, the personal simplicity of ordinary chores still exists for everyone, regardless of age, nationality, race, class, sex, etc. Placing "Feed the fish" on an aquarium seems natural. It's absurd to imagine making rounds, feeding every single one of the thousands of fish on display, but... this is something that must actually happen! In its most basic and necessary chores, the aquarium is not really so different from a child who owns a goldfish. Just as upon close inspection, even people who seem to differ in every respect have volumes in common."